• Janneke Bakker

    Janneke Bakker


    3 courses

    Janneke is educator and master instructor at AALO Opleidingen in the Netherlands in the area of freestyle step and dance. Among others she studied sport pedagogy and communications. She feels at home on the international ...

  • Hans Figueroa

    Hans Figueroa


    4 courses

    Hans is a movement expert from Hamburg. He doesn't stop at yoga, but uses positives influences from many other areas, like Escrima, Thai boxing, kettlebell-training, weight liftling, cathelistics, functional training, zen gymnastics, ...

  • Guillaume Wies

    Guillaume Wies


    5 courses

    Guillaume is a passionate freestyle step and dance presenter and you will see that in his classes. He lives in Nancy, France, but conquers the international presenter stages at the moment. French charm, clever choreographies with ...

  • Gunda Slomka

    Gunda Slomka


    4 courses

    Gunda is a biologist and sports scientist, sports therapist for orthopedics and rheumatology, she teaches at the sports faculty of the University of Hildesheim and runs a coaching academy, the Gunda-Slomka-Education. Gunda has been ...

  • Andreas Goller

    Andreas Goller


    2 courses

    Andreas is a fitness pedagogue, medical and sports practitioner and medical educator. He lectured at the Institute of Fitness Pedagogy in Hamburg in the subjects anatomy, physiology, pathology, anatomy, spinal gymnastics, stretching and ...

  • Ania Gralak

    Ania Gralak


    2 courses

    Ania studied business economics in Stettin, Poland and worked until 2009 as manager and fitness instructor in a fitness centre in Stettin. Her strength in organization has built up as managing director of fitness clubs in Posen and ...

  • Giannis Leonidopoulos

    Giannis Leonidopoulos


    3 courses

    Giannis is a new talent from Greece. He studied Physical Education and Sport Science at the Democritus Univercity of Thrace, got his aerobic instructor education at the Grafts Hellas fitness education school and lives in Athens now. In ...

  • David Fitelit

    David Fitelit


    4 courses

    David lives and works in Brussels/Belgium. He is successfully working in the fitnesss business for many years. He has produced many commercial videos and DVDs for step, dance and workout. David runs Fitelit that organises fitness ...

  • Fares Soltani

    Fares Soltani


    4 courses

    Fares Soltani is a Tunisian top presenter and enchants in his aerodance and step lessons with his expressive, dancing movements on international stages. Together with Anastasia Alexandridi, Katja Vasilienko and Sasha Oshkin he is part of ...

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