• Doro Fusenig

    Doro Fusenig


    6 courses

    In 2002 she was awarded as a "STAR INSTRUCTOR", and in 2004 "IFAA Master Instructor". Since 2002 she became one of the most popular aerobic & step presenter and educator. Doro comes from Poland, where she ...

  • Pawel Oracz

    Pawel Oracz


    12 courses

    Pawel is a qualified fitness trainer and presenter who lives in Poland. 2007 to 2013 he served as lead presenter and instructor for the IFAA Poland and Germany. His love affair with aerobics began in 2003 in the beautiful city of Krakow, ...

  • Sebastian Piatek

    Sebastian Piatek


    43 courses

    3 events

    Sebastian is an international presenter and co-founder of fitnessschool.tv. He inspires people with his spirited, thrilling and humorous way. He is a graduate of Physiotherapy at the Krakow Sports Academy in Poland and lives in Berlin ...

  • Ania Horobiowska

    Ania Horobiowska


    4 courses

    Ania started her career by winning the "Wanted" competition in Poland. In 2014 she traveled abroad and earned the titel "Master Instructor" at IFAA Germany. She presented her beautiful courses on several stages in ...

  • Alexandre Mallier

    Alexandre Mallier


    4 courses

    Alexandre is an International Fitness Presenter, author of numerous fitness DVDs and co-founder of the "Move Your Fit" Convention in France. The French Master of Professionals in the Step Competition was given the title ...

  • Marcel Kuhn

    Marcel Kuhn


    2 courses

    As a finalist of the newcomer contest "WANTED 2013 'in Poland he inspires his participants over and over again. In addition to his university degree, specializing in health economics, he teaches group fitness courses for more than ...

  • Anastasia Alexandridi

    Anastasia Alexandridi


    4 courses

    Anastasia studied at the "Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance" and was awarded by the High College Jazz Dance New York. She has just made through their unique expressive dance style a name, by her charisma, her devotion, her ...

  • Changmin Ryu

    Changmin Ryu


    2 courses

    Chang Min Ryu is a well known korean fitness presenter. He has been collecting his experience and education in fitness in Asia and Europe. He presented on several conventions in Korea and Japan. Chang Min Ryu has been standing on the ...

  • Alexandra Birkholz

    Alexandra Birkholz


    2 courses

    Owner of aeronet europe - sports & business academy. Alexandra has worked in the sports and fitness industry for almost 19 years. She enthusiastically works with people since 2006 as a master trainer, instructor and presenter for ...

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