• Olga Ermer

    Olga Ermer


    2 courses

    Since 15 years Olga works in the fitness industry. What makes her classes special is her charisma, her energy and her passion for sports! Olga is a physiotherapist, personal trainer and nutritionist by profession. Therefore her classes are ...

  • Sebastian Piatek

    Sebastian Piatek


    45 courses

    2 events

    Sebastian is an international presenter and co-founder of fitnessschool.tv. He inspires people with his spirited, thrilling and humorous way. He is a graduate of Physiotherapy at the Krakow Sports Academy in Poland and lives in Berlin ...

  • Pawel Oracz

    Pawel Oracz


    12 courses

    Pawel is a qualified fitness trainer and presenter who lives in Poland. 2007 to 2013 he served as lead presenter and instructor for the IFAA Poland and Germany. His love affair with aerobics began in 2003 in the beautiful city of Krakow, ...

  • Gil Lopes

    Gil Lopes


    3 courses

    Born in Brazil, he is living and working in Rome, Italy now. He has worked in the Aerobics field successfully for many years now. He is presenting his step and aerobic choreography classes and workshops in more than 30 countries all over ...

  • Carlos Ramirez

    Carlos Ramirez


    3 courses

    One of few top presenters, who has influenced the fitness industry in most of the european and asian countries in the last decade. He started to teach in the age of 17. In a very short time he established himself in step and dance and ...

  • Anton Todorov

    Anton Todorov


    4 courses

    Anton, born in Bulgaria, lives and works in Frankfurt/Main (Germany), but actually his home are the presenter stages of this world. In the last view years he appeared at fitness events like Rimini Wellness (Italy), FIBO (Germany), ...

  • Christiane Reiter

    Christiane Reiter


    2 courses

    She is the Madonna of German and International Fitness Scene - one of the most important personalities in Germany. Her years of experience and her commitment to her work have brought the rightly deserved status of a fitness icon. She ...

  • Anastasia Alexandridi

    Anastasia Alexandridi


    4 courses

    Anastasia studied at the "Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance" and was awarded by the High College Jazz Dance New York. She has just made through their unique expressive dance style a name, by her charisma, her devotion, her ...

  • Zena Saheli

    Zena Saheli


    3 courses

    Zena started with hip-hop and swimming at the age of 9 in Senegal where she was born. She found incredible connections with the street dancers in Africa, Paris, New York and Japan. Later on she studied at the Broadway Dance Center in New ...

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