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Input for group fitness instructors in online videos, available always and everywhere, constantly updated!

450+ MASTER CLASSES our library. Every course is ready-to-use in your class! We have a lot of aerodance and step choreos with all progression steps, but also functional training, core body workouts, pilates and more. We are constantly adding courses and concepts. What do you want to see?


...whenever you want, whereever you are. Save your preparation time and use a whole class if you take over substitution in the last minute. Or just browse and take some inspirations from the various instructors. Watch all courses in online streaming with the Professional membership. Jump on or off whenever you want!


Our courses are explicitly targeted to instructors. Get hints and tips from internationally successful presenters! Learn from all the different approaches and technichs, mix it and make your own style out of it! Take the choreos as they are, including the build-up steps – they work! Have fuller classes and happy participants!


Besides step and aerodance, you will also find workout courses with or without equipment, functional training, body & mind and content about fascia

Internationally successful instructors

from the presenter stages directly into our studio… Learn from the best! More than 40 Top-Presenters are waiting for you! Who is your favorite?

  • Asja Pajk

    Asja Pajk


    Asja is a passionate fitness professional originally from Slovenia, now living and working Berlin since 2020. She is a graduate of Kinesiology at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
    She has been teaching since 12 years and teaches a big ...

  • Alex Ferrante

    Alex Ferrante


    Alex Ferrante is a fitness trainer from Rome/Italy. His passion is step and dance aerobics. He inspires at the fitness events with his energetic and charming way. With his CREA+ Fitness Academy he and his comrades bring fitness live and online to ...

  • Ivan Keim

    Ivan Keim


    Ivan was born in Argentina and now lives in Germany. He works as dance teacher, actor, dancer and choreographer. His passion for dancing can also be seen in his way of presenting step and aerobic classes in the studio or on convention stages.

Effective and creative method, easily you can learn new technics, stay on the move, getting inspired by brilliant presenters. The videos are the result of excellent work, bring tips to climb the ladder, to get closer to your target goals and more!

Pénélope Trapezanlidou

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