• Danijela's courses


    Jumping is a motivating, effective course concept that is suitable for every participant. Jumping courses are intensive and ...

  • Jumping Choreo Collection

    With this ingenious Choreo-Collection you get the best input as a Jumping-Trainer: ready-to-go choreos, tailored to great songs ...

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  • Aneta Ostrówka

    Aneta Ostrówka

    Aneta is fitness manager at Everest Fitness in Poland, presenter and instructor at Fitness University and was Rebook ...

  • Hans Figueroa

    Hans Figueroa

    Hans is a movement expert from Hamburg. He doesn't stop at yoga, but uses positives influences from many other ...

  • Laura Cristina

    Laura Cristina

    Lauras very first experience was wearing the blue shirt of the rhythmic Italian national team. She is a dancer and ...

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