• Danijela's courses


    Jumping is a motivating, effective course concept that is suitable for every participant. Jumping courses are intensive and ...

  • Jumping Choreo Collection

    With this ingenious Choreo-Collection you get the best input as a Jumping-Trainer: ready-to-go choreos, tailored to great songs ...

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  • Małgorzata Wolniewicz-Feder

    Małgorzata Wolniewicz-Feder

    Małgorzata graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Physical Education . She was Poland's first certified TRX ...

  • Frank Thömmes

    Frank Thömmes

    Frank Thömmes started his sports career as soccer coach for various teams and began to lay his knowledge base here ...

  • Edit Adamcsek

    Edit Adamcsek

    Edit is one of the top step and dance presenters in Hungary. She graduated originally as an applied mathematician, but ...

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