• Mendibi's courses

  • HIP-HOP 02

    In this course you can practice and improve your arm-leg coordination with Mendibi. In three separate parts leg and arm mini ...

  • HIP-HOP 01

    In this course you can learn and dance a little Hip-Hop choreography with Mendibi. The steps are very easy and can be mastered by ...

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    Luciano Mottola

    Luciano Mottola from Italy is one of the very best of his profession when you look at international presenters. His ...

  • Nadja Koller

    Nadja Koller

    As a former gymnast, she discovered early on the precision and elegance with which the body can be moved and the ...

  • Eileen Gallasch

    Eileen Gallasch

    Eileen works as a freelance personal fitness trainer, author and speaker for health and functional training in Berlin. ...

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