• Christiane Reiter 

    PILATES 20

    This short workshop is about didactics and methodology in all types of workout classes. How do I convey complex exercises to ...

  • Sebastian Piatek 

    Choreo Workshop 04

    How can you built up every freestyle step choreography by starting with a certain basic structure? How can you find and assemble ...

  • Sebastian Piatek 

    Choreo Workshop 03

    How can you find your own and unique style as a trainer or presenter? What belongs to the own style and how can it be influenced ...

  • Sebastian Piatek 

    Choreo Workshop 02

    Which common mistakes should you avoid when creating fitness choreographies? What are unnecessary steps? Why and how should you ...

  • Sebastian Piatek 

    Choreo Workshop 01

    How should a perfect fitness choreography class be structured? How should the difficulty level of a class be structured and by ...

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